Customized concepts.

We develop customized technical architectures and concepts of the IT infrastructure for you.

Architecture and design


Technical conception and planning play an important role in the establishment and ongoing development of your IT infrastructure. We see ourselves as architects who take up and understand your requirements and work with you to create the designs and detailed plans for your future IT infrastructure house. Our consultants are specialists in the respective technologies and contribute with their many years and wide range of experience from our broad range of customer situations to the planning.


Our services include among others:

  • High-level design: Development of technical strategies and rough concepts
  • Policies and guidelines: Rules for planning and implementation
  • Low-level design: Blueprints and configuration templates




Market analysis and evaluation


The increasing digitalization leads to ever faster development cycles in the IT infrastructure as well. Start-ups and acquisitions of large infrastructure manufacturers and providers lead to a hardly manageable variety of concepts and solutions - not only between different manufacturers, but often also within the different products of a manufacturer.

Together with you, we determine the actual demand, set priorities and guide you through the heterogeneous manufacturer and provider world with our methods and tools. In this way, we work with you to find the products and solutions with the best possible benefit for your IT infrastructure and your business.


Our services include among others:

  • Comparison and development of different manufacturer strategies (single vs. dual vs. multi)
  • Development of individual Statement of Compliances
  • Planning and implementation of market comparisons and manufacturer Workshops
  • Ensuring a documented and comprehensible decision-making process
  • Preparation of the strategy and manufacturer decision
  • Management of the entire evaluation and decision-making process






There are often risks associated with the introduction of new or modified infrastructure products in terms of real quality and performance. Due to the short development cycles, there is insufficient experience with many new concepts. Testing the concepts and products as part of a "proof of concept" or test installation is therefore often an indispensable means of minimizing risk.


Our services include among others:

  • Development of laboratory concepts and layout plans
  • Preparation of test plans for the traceability of test execution and results
  • Setting up the test infrastructures
  • Implementation and support of test execution
  • Documentation, preparation and presentation of the results