in all phases of
the IT-Lifecycle


EZcon Network GmbH is one of Germany’s leading consulting companies in the field of Information Technology (IT).

We support our customers throughout the entire IT lifecycle, from strategic alignment, design and tendering of services, to implementation through professional project management and the establishment of efficient IT operations and service management.

Our technological focus is on IT infrastructure, especially in the areas of network, communication, security, data center, building services and workplace, both in classic and cloud or hybrid environments.

We align our consulting strictly with the requirements of our customers - free of dogmatism and independent of manufacturers and providers.

Our many years of experience and broad customer range give us the opportunity to compare technologies, products and solutions on a long-term basis. Due to this experience, we are able to achieve the greatest possible certainty for our customers for an optimal strategy, quality and cost efficiency for their IT infrastructure.

For our customers the name EZcon stands especially for:


We feel exclusively committed to our customers and therefore advise independently of partnerships or dependencies with manufacturers and suppliers of products and services, which we evaluate in the context of our concepts and tenders. Therefore, we can act freely and unbiased and represent the interests of our customers without restrictions.

Customer orientation

We always focus on the individual situation of our customers in the conception and implementation. That is why understanding the specific requirements and characteristics of your business and its IT is extremely important to us, regardless of which industry you belong to and which strategic goals you are currently pursuing.

Technology affinity

Our technical expertise in all areas of IT infrastructure is one of the success factors of our consulting concept. We see ourselves as an "engineering office" and therefore develop and optimize solutions for your IT infrastructure in cooperation with you. In doing so, we always keep our finger on the pulse of innovation and evaluate new trends and technologies.


We have combined our core competencies in the EaZy Lifecycle. This stands for efficiency, which does not mean that we underestimate the complexity and importance of the IT infrastructure. We want to develop and implement exactly the solutions our customers need to achieve their goals - functionally, operationally and commercially. No "over-consulting" and without superfluous loops. Goal-oriented - realistic - efficient. This is what EaZy stands for!