Technical Expertise.

Our competence and expert know-how in all technological areas of IT infrastructure is the prerequisite for our manufacturer-independent and cross-technology consulting.

As a technical consulting company and engineering office, we bring many years of experience of our specialists to the IT infrastructure concepts of our customers.

Our experience ranges from the development of an overall strategy for your IT infrastructure, the development of a high-level design to the elaboration of detailed concepts, guidelines and directives. In doing so, we never lose sight of the reference to the implementation and subsequent operation of our architectures and concepts and accompany you in the selection of the products, tools and services that fit perfectly, as well as in the necessary proof of concepts and pilot projects.

A permanent exchange with manufacturers and partners as well as the close contact to our customers and projects and the adaption of incorporation of best practices, also during implementation and operational phase, ensures constant innovation and enables us to develop state-of-the-art solutions at any time.




Physical infrastructure


The physical infrastructure forms the indispensable basis for building a future-proof, qualitative, economical and versatile IT infrastructure.

The physical infrastructure comprises all components necessary for a complete, high-performance, redundant, secure and economical provision of data and transmission paths that meet the requirements - both in central data centers and in decentralized locations and branches.

EZcon provides you with a competent planning and consulting service for all trades of the physical infrastructure, building equipment and the necessary solutions for the protection of persons and material assets, from stocktaking, preliminary and design planning, tendering and contract award preparation to project management during implementation. As a VdS-certified company, we always consider all requirements of standards and technical, constructional guidelines that guarantee a maximum level of functionality and security in buildings and IT infrastructure.


Our services include among others:

  • The entire technical building equipment according to the HOAI performance profile
  • Planning, tendering and construction supervision of electrical and safety engineering
  • Complete planning and implementation control of data communication networks and data centers
  • Planning and implementation of special networks, media and building technology
  • Creation of individual concepts and guidelines for standardization of physical infrastructure
  • Planning and control of all trades according to public specifications and guidelines





Network (LAN & WLAN)


The enormously increasing speed in the development of new standards and solutions in the field of local networks for corporate and data center locations is proof of the growing importance of LAN & WLAN solutions within the IT infrastructure. The automation and digitalization of production and administration processes is leading to an enormous increase in the number of devices in local networks. The demand for available bandwidths is no longer the only critical factor. Rather topics such as stability and security are moving into focus as the dependency of business processes on the availability of local networks increases.

At the same time, manufacturers are trying to counteract the increasing complexity in LAN and WLAN with solutions for simplifying and automating configuration and operating processes. SD solutions, zero touch provisioning and API-based management through to AI-based fault analysis are just some of the topics that need to be considered in this context. Increasing network security through micro-segmentation, Policy Based Network Access and IDN requires a careful balance of effort and benefit. In the data center, fabric solutions enable the high-performance control of traffic flows (east-west traffic) and in the wireless LAN, the latest transmission standards enable the implementation of a "Wi-Fi First" strategy in many cases.

The selection of the right management solution ultimately determines quality and effort in the operating phase. The range of manufacturer-specific and cross-vendor tools, on premise or as “Software as a Service” (Saas) from the cloud, is enormous and difficult to understand.

For many years, EZcon has been a competent and experienced partner in the development of LAN & WLAN strategies, the selection of suitable solutions and manufacturers and in the creation of concepts from high-level design to the development of configuration guidelines and blueprints for local sites and data center networks.


Our services include among others:

  • Strategy Workshops on manufacterer and solution strategies
  • Vendor and solution Evaluation for LAN, Wi-Fi and Management Tools including TCO consideration
  • High-Level Design, Location blueprints, config guidelines
  • Tendering of Framework contracts, supply and maintenance services
  • Implementation and documentation of proof of concepts
  • As-Is analyses and risk assessment for existing infrastructures




UC&C, Mobile & M2M


For several years now, communication and collaboration have been playing an increasingly important role within companies. Due to globalization and the associated internal and external international collaboration in virtual teams, the fast, secure and reliable availability of communication services has developed to a business-critical factor.

Parallel to the importance of communication services, the number of functionalities has also grown. Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C), value-added services, such as contact centers or the connection to social media platforms must be made available via diverse communication architectures (on-premise, cloud, hybrid).

As a result of the ever-growing importance the number of manufacturers of UC&C solutions and value-added services is also growing. Time spans between technological innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. The transition to “all IP” is more relevant than ever. Moreover, this leads to a multitude of possible solutions. Therefore, the development and design of the ideal communications infrastructure for a company, requires in-depth knowledge of the market and solutions.

In the field of mobile communications new developments increasingly offer alternative to conventional, fixed-location infrastructures. 5G and standards based on it, enable additional application possibilities and an enormous expansion of mobility through high bandwidths and short latencies.


Our services include among others:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current status (telecommunication systems, value-added services and applications)
  • Analysis and evaluation of infrastructures (passive cabling, active network, security) on UC&C readiness
  • Conceptual consideration of existing and future provider connections and network infrastructures (e.g. ISDN vs. future ALL-IP connections, SIP solutions)  
  • Need assessment and strategy workshops (architectures, technologies, trends, experiences etc.)
  • Development of the technical overall concept with cost controlling (business cases)
  • Preparation of the tender documents, evaluation of the offers and preparation of the award of contracts
  • Implementation of proof of concepts in the UC&C area and of "Wi-Fi Calling”
  • Project management and transformation management (also the control of change processes for the users)
  • Preparation of the tender for Europe-wide or national and international mobile Services
  • Examination of the mobile provider site coverage and analysis of user experience




Wide Area Network (WAN)


Modern network solutions should be efficient, secure, reliable and with high performance. They must be able to adapt flexibly to changing conditions and, if possible, deliver cost savings compared to conventional network solutions. They are therefore an important prerequisite for new business models. The digitization of internal processes and applications, the introduction and expansion of automated machine-to-machine communication, big-data analyses and the extensive use of cloud services and Internet of Things are leading to a continuously growing demand for bandwidth. In this context, the ability to upgrade the bandwidth to meet the demand, should be possible at short notice and at any time, preferably via ordering in the self-service portal, and automatically provisioned within seconds.

New technologies such as "Software Defined Network" (SDN), the virtualization of devices and functions (NFV, VNF), the use of efficient cloud connections, the inclusion of all network connection options (Ethernet, xDSL, LTE, 5G etc.) and the latest security solutions (Next Generation Firewall, Secure Web Gateways etc.) form the basis for meeting these requirements.

Despite or perhaps because of all the possibilities of the solution components available on the market, the planning of a modern network solution is very complex, time-consuming and subject to a number of general conditions. Even the best possible network solution may not be able to meet all requirements due to the general conditions (legal restrictions, lack of competition etc.).

EZcon helps you to plan and evaluate the best possible wide area network solution for you. By means of a structured need assessment of your requirements and the subsequent analysis and evaluation of all network solution options, we transparently describe the respective advantages and disadvantages, present them to you and make a sound solution recommendation.


Our services include among others:

  • Design and strategy workshops on architecture, technologies, trends
  • Support with the creation of your requirements catalogue
  • Analysis and evaluation of the current Network
  • Implementation of WAN benchmark analyses
  • Product and service analyses
  • Creation of solution concepts and tenders up to the selection of Providers
  • Support in the creation of business cases
  • Description of guidelines for a proof of concept







Many IT managers are constantly asking themselves questions about the IT infrastructure: To what extent is it secured against cyber-attacks? At which points in my IT infrastructure are security gaps and what options do I have to close them?

Hybrid infrastructures and the enormous growth in the number of IT devices open up additional points of attack and require targeted consideration of possible threats and design of adequate measures. In the development of security strategies and corresponding concepts, organizational measures, in particular, must be taken into account in addition to technical solutions. The "Zero Trust Model" is based on the fundamental assumption that threats can originate not only from the outside but also from within the company's own infrastructure and organization, and thus form the approach for identifying potential risks and developing effective countermeasures.


Our services include among others:

  • Security analyses and concepts for local networks (segmentation, encryption, access control, authentication)
  • WAN Security - Concepts for securing sites and network transitions and traffic flows in the WAN
  • Strategies and concepts for voice and UCC security
  • Vendor evaluation, conception and managed service solutions for security products, both on-premise and cloud-based (firewall, proxies & gateways, IDS/IPS, SIEM)
  • Cyber Security
    • Endpoint Security
      • Anti Malware
      • Privacy & Encryption
      • Detection & Response Capabilities for end devices
      • Mobile Device Security
    • Cloud-Security
      • Secure Access Service Edge
      • Zero-Trust Network Access
      • Cloud Access Security Broker
      • Web Gateway Cloud Services
    • Web-Security
      • Web Gateway
      • Remote Browser Isolation
      • E-Mail
    • Network-Security
      • Intrusion Protection
      • Network Protection
      • Sandbox




Data Center & Cloud


Hardly any other area of IT infrastructure is currently subject to stronger change processes than the data center sector. Cloud providers' solutions promise maximum flexibility and scalability, while simultaneously reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), for example through automated provisioning and orchestration as well as standardized management and operating applications. Nevertheless, topics such as connecting corporate networks to cloud data centers and security - both on the transport route and within the cloud environments - must not be neglected. EZcon supports you in the development of a data center strategy tailored to your company and your requirements as well as in the transformation to your future data center in the public/private cloud, on-premise or, as often found in practice, a custom-fit hybrid solution. In addition to the technical, functional and monetary requirements, the contractual and organizational aspects of cloud governance are also taken into account.


Our services include among others:

  • Analysis and conceptual consulting for the development of a tailor-made data center strategy
  • Data center security concepts for on-premise and Cloud
  • Invitation to tender for data center provider contracts
  • Design of data center connections (cloud connectivity, Internet, provider and data center connections)
  • Conception, tendering and project planning of physical infrastructures for on-premise data Centers
  • Data center LAN concepts (traffic optimization, fabric and SD technologies, load balancing)
  • Concepts and tenders for servers, storage and virtualization solutions
  • Planning and control of data center transformation projects






The workplace area is currently experiencing one of the biggest changes and development processes in the working world. The use of IT systems in the workplace has become a business-critical factor and the image of the classic workplace has developed into the "modern workplace" in many areas of work as a result of requirements for mobility, flexibility and progressive digitalization. As a consequence of this development, the design, procurement and operation of workplace infrastructures requires a view beyond the pure product selection and in particular, the effects and changes for the users must be taken into account in order to implement successful workplace Projects.


Our services include among others:

  • Tendering for supply and maintenance of workplace Hardware
  • Concepts for efficient and economical lifecycle Management
  • Conception and tendering of managed services for workplace, printer and production relevant stems
  • Design and negotiation of software license Agreements
  • Strategy development and design of modern, secure and flexible workplace structures (cloud-based management, directory services, software distribution, SaaS, BYOD)
  • Rollout concepts and transformation management for modern workplace structures including training and communication