In the operations phase of the IT lifecycle, we support you with qualified service support and specialized professional services in the entire service operations management


Our customers appreciate EZcon also because of our strong connection to the daily practice of IT operations. We do not want to be a "high-level consulting company" that creates strategies and concepts, but no longer recognizes their strengths and weaknesses when used in everyday practice. Through our diverse support for our customers' operational issues, we are able to incorporate the practical knowledge gained directly into our strategies, concepts and projects for the benefit of our customers.



Carrier- und Service Provider Management


Benefit from our experience in the entire spectrum of carrier and provider management. From contract and SLA management, change planning and implementation to invoice control and beyond, we support or lead your provider management for various IT and managed services.


Our services include among others:

  • Quality/SLA management including the preparation of qualified Reports
  • Support in problem and escalation management and root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Control of change and demand management towards your service providers and internal organizational Units
  • Order management and order tracking
  • Invoice control including the evaluation and determination of possible savings potentials
  • Creation of forecasts to support budget planning
  • Documentation of quantities and services for planning capacities as well as a base for future new Tenders
  • Ongoing analysis and evaluation of costs, tariff structures, billing systems for mobile phone contracts (invoice verification)
  • SIM card management, consulting and service hotline for your users



IT-Operations und Professional Services


In the area of IT operations we also support you with our expertise in regular operations. With our specialists for the most diverse trades, manufacturers and products, we offer our services from selective support "on demand" - for example in incident or problem management - to the assumption of complete operational responsibility. With our professional services, we also offer you certified specialists for technical topics which often cannot be implemented within your internal IT organization due to their complexity.


Our services include among others:

  • Assumption of operational responsibility for incident, event, problem management and request fulfillment
  • Organization, planning and implementation of IMAC, service request and demands
  • Error analysis and support in problem management and in crisis situations
  • Configuration and traffic analyses and creation of the catalogue of defined actions for service and quality improvements
  • Provision of an advisory board to review and improve the requirements and procedures for firewall activation and port and load balancer configurations (dashboard, clearing, reporting)
  • Contract management for service and provider contracts including user consulting as well as quality and invoice control (e.g. mobile phone contracts, managed service etc.)
  • Consulting of customers and business partners on network connections and support of procurement and commissioning processes
  • Complete organization and support of rollouts and changes in the wide area network





Comprehensive and high-quality documentation of the IT infrastructure is a decisive success factor for efficient operation and high system availability. Unfortunately, in practice we often find that this topic is often neglected. This often leads to a dependency on a few people and specialists. A good documentation of all systems and the continuous recording of changes leads to a simplification of the operating processes and creates the conditions to outsource operative activities to lower support levels or even to automate them to a high degree. With the right design of processes and workflows and the selection and implementation of the appropriate tools, this ultimately leads to an increase in operational quality while reducing expenses and operating costs.


Our services include among others:

  • Creation and continuous updating of the infrastructure documentation according to customer-individual specifications and standards (e.g. with MS Visio, FNT Command)
  • Design and process description for documentation and operating tools and mapping of workflows in the existing ITSM Tools
  • Support in tool evaluation and creation of an RFP for ITSM tools, ticket systems, documentation and workflow Management
  • Comprehensive coordination and documentation of the changes